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Climbing a Ladder
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Professional Bird Nest Removal & Chimney Upkeep in Newcastle & Surrounding Areas

Professional Standards

Set up to improve the standards and professionalism of the UK chimney sweeping industry. It ensures the longevity of the chimney sweeping profession for sweepers, while safeguarding both the public and trade from the risk of chimney fires and CO poisoning.
The Guild of Master Chimney Sweeps was established with the goal to improve standards within the industry by introducing professional training and assessments.
Today, the Guild is both nationally and internationally recognised for its efforts and achievements in improving standards for both chimney sweepers and their customers.


The Guild is also a member of the 'Europaische Schornsteinfegermeister Föderation' or the European Federation of Master Chimney Sweeps (ESCHFOE). Some countries take chimney sweeping more seriously than others for example, in Germany, it is a legal requirement that chimneys are swept once a year. This has resulted in Germany having a drastically lower number of chimney fires and carbon monoxide poisonings than the UK.
Sweepers in the UK are still not legally obliged to pursue any training or gain any qualifications in order to trade. However, for a chimney sweeper to become a member of the Guild they must meet and adhere to strict criteria while also achieving the highest minimum standards in the industry.
This means they can provide the highest level of service to their customers whilst having the support and experience of a national trade organisation. Many Guild members go on to gain further qualifications within the chimney sweeping industry.

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Tidying As I Go

Chimney sweeping is a messy old business or at least it used to be. I use a range of precautions to ensure your home is as clean as it was before I arrived and ensure your precious possessions are safeguarded. 

Those precautions include:

  • Dust covers

  • Hearth sheets

  • Soot sheets

  • Foam blocks

  • Industrial HEPA filtered vacuum

These simple but essential precautions ensure that I keep any soot and debris under control.

My Green Credentials

Here at Tyneside Chimney Sweep I am acutely aware of the move across industry to re-use and recycle wherever possible. I am active in ensuring that any waste, rubbish and disposable equipment is kept away from landfill whenever possible.

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I offer a range of other services that include:

  • Installation of carbon monoxide alarms

  • Bird nest removal

  •  Removal of tar or creosote

  • Replacement fire bricks, door glass or rope seals

  • Impartial advice

Having issues with your chimney? For bird nest removal, maintenance or repairs, contact me or call me at Tyneside Chimney Sweep.

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